How Custom Safety Signs Can Help Your Business

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Any business owner knows that displaying relevant safety signs is an essential part of your legal compliance. It's easy enough to do, however, since plenty of ready-made signs are available that are designed to the legal standards so you don't need to worry about their suitability.

For many businesses, this is enough. Just put up the signs you need and you'll be operating legally, keeping your staff and customers safe.

In many cases, however, custom signs could be beneficial. Although they're not strictly necessary, having your signs tailored to your specific needs can increase safety and work more effectively. Here are some of the reasons your business could benefit from safety sign customisation.

More specific details

While the various mandatory safety signs are designed to be consistent and clear, sometimes they don't quite cover the specific details of particular hazards in your workplace.

By having signs custom made, you can ensure you're sticking to the legal guidelines while simultaneously adding some more useful information. This lets you inform people of extra things to watch out for, or add info like distances or heights.

Combining several signs in one

Some industries have more hazards than others, and in work like construction or manufacturing, you might find there are dozens of different signs you need to display.

A custom safety sign printer can combine several of these messages into a single sign, which makes your job a lot easier. You can produce different signs for different areas, minimising the chance of forgetting a specific safety message. It also means all of the safety information is neatly in one place, so you can increase its visibility.

Unique dangers

You might work in a niche industry that has unusual hazards, or your work environment might be hazardous in ways that aren't often found.

If either of these things is the case, the existing safety signs that are available are unlikely to cover your needs. A custom design can take the important elements of standard signs and use them in a design that conveys exact warnings based on your workplace.

Tailored to your staff or customers

Signs aren't always easy to read clearly, and if you need to get safety messages across to people with poor eyesight, it's a challenge.

A custom sign can be printed in a large format that's easier to interpret, or the text or symbols can be made bigger for emphasis. Alternatively, different colours can be used to highlight the important information or create a stronger contrast, making it easier to see.