Four Fundamental Tips for Acquiring a Safety Checklist Book

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Proper management of the safety hazards on your worksite is crucial. One of the most important tools for limiting and eliminating accidents is the Take 5 safety checklist book. This notebook is designed to allow workers on industrial, commercial and construction sites to conduct assessments of the risks in the workplace. These books allow for easy identification of the dangers around and create a higher level of awareness. Consequently, there is an improvement in risk management, monitoring and control. If you are planning on acquiring some safety checklist books, use these tips for the best results.

Think about Suitability

The Take 5 book you choose must be suitable for your business. The general framework of the safety checklist book is basic. However, different industries have different requirements with regard to managing the safety hazards around the workplace. Therefore, consider the standards established for your field. If there are strict requirements, choose a checklist that complies with the unique standards of your industry. If your business field has no special requirements, you can acquire a checklist book designed for general use.

Plan for Portability

Safety checklist books are provided to workers who are about to conduct tasks in a dangerous place. Under normal circumstances, the worker will carry the book to the site of work and use the checklist for the simple risk assessment. Therefore, the book needs to be highly portable. This will minimise the inconvenience of handling it during work hours. When ordering a Take 5 book, you should ensure that it is compact enough. Ideally, it should be pocket-sized.

Consider the Environment

You should think about the environment in which the safety checklist will be used. You must ensure that the notebook will not be vulnerable to damage during the workplace assessment tasks. In general, most of the hazardous sites which require the assessment process are hostile. For instance, they might be wet, muddy or dusty. A good book will be able to withstand these conditions. Ideally, it should have laminated covers to promote weather resistance.

Check the Book Design

Finally, you should consider the overall design of the Take 5 book. This will help you determine if it is a good match for your business. For example, you should consider the number of Take 5 checklists available for use. A lot of checklists in one book might seem economical, but this will affect portability and ease of use. Also, check for additional features like instructions for use, hazard risk calculator and hierarchy of controls.